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Private, Secure and Non-recorded Chatline

Connect with local singles using Two Talkers chat line, our system will match you with nearby callers whether you're looking for a romantic conversation or a spicy phone sex chat, Two Talkers have you covered! Avail a free trial of 60-Minutes for first-time callers.

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For Women it's always free. For men a 60 minutes free trial.

Step by step

Two Talkers chat line it's simple and fun. Thousands of men & women calls our chat line every day to start a phone dating experience or just a chill talk with someone in their area. All conversations are not recorded and fully private. There's nothing to worry, your personal phone number will never be disclosed to other callers at any moment.

Step 1: Call

Step One

Call Two Talkers

Simply, call two talkers, (800) 963-7792 and get started. For women, it's always free, For men we provide an automatic 60 minutes free trial.

Step 2: Phone Recognition

Step Two

Phone Account Recognition

As soon as you call Two Talkers, You'll be automatically logged into your account or if you don't have you'll need to create one.

Step 3: Record nickname

Step three

Record a Nickname

In the chat line don't use your personal name instead, create one. The two talkers system will ask you to record a nickname.

Step 4: Record greeting

Step Four

Record Your Greeting Message

Your greeting is an introduction message of yourself to all the other callers that will hear your greeting in the live roulette before they decide to connect with you or not.

Step 5: Access the live chat roulette

Step Five

Access the Live Roulette!

Excellent, once you're done with the setup of your account the system will grant you access to the live roulette so you're able to hear other callers and request live chat connections!

Features Available

  • Live Chat Roulette
  • Local Callers
  • Send Voice Messages
  • Add callers to your favorite list
  • Block & Report Annoying callers
  • History of inbox
  • Private & Secure
  • And More!
(800) 963-7792

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  • Live Chat Roulette:

    Connect with other live callers that are currently in the live roulette listening to other callers greetings. The live chat roulette works based on your location, so the first live callers that will show you are the ones that are closer to you, once you find a greeting in the live chat roulette that catches your attention, don't forget to send a live chat request!

  • Local Callers:

    Our system priority is to match you with people around you area, based on your phone number you area is determined. Anytime your accessing the live chat with your phone number, it'll read the extension and match you with the surrounding callers online.

  • Inbox Messages:

    You liked someone in the chatline, but you don't feel ready enough to send a chat request? no worries, send them an inbox message to introduce yourself. From there, the other partner can request a live chat connection or might reply you back with another inbox voice message.

  • Private and Secure:

    You don't have to worry, our system will never disclose your contact information such as email, or phone number, we highly suggest you to never share any personal information while using two talkers chat line.

Frequently Asked Questions

(800) 963-7792

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  • When are my minutes being deducted?

    If you're a women, it's free, don't worry about minutes because your minutes will not be deducted at any time. For men, Your minutes are deducted as soon as you reach the live chat roulette, and when you're already in a private chat room with your partner. Also, when you send inbox voice messages to other callers it costs you 1 minute per voice message.

  • Is my phone number private at all times?

    Yes, always. Your privacy is our main concern. Your number will never be disclosed. The only reason your personal number could be in danger it's because you share it to the wrong person. And we don't take any responsibility on you sharing any personal information through two talkers chatline.

  • Automatic access with your phone number

    Two talkers will first create an initial account based on your phone number, every time you call the system will read your account and log you into your account, within seconds. There's no need of an access code, or email for you to access your account. As soon as you call with your number you call will be automatically logged in.


Women doesn't need to acquire minutes!, pricing is just for men using the chatline, and initially, we provide 60 minutes free as new users in the chatline!


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10 Minutes
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boost plan minutes
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full plan minutes
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